Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I have finally taken the plunge and started my own teaching blog.  I have wanted to do this for quite awhile, but one thing was holding me back - time.  After teaching all day, playing mom until the kids were in bed, and then planning lessons, I found it hard to find the motivation and energy to start a blog.  My intentions were always good, but by 10 o'clock I was exhausted.  Since I had very little on my "To Do" list tonight, I figured I better jump at the opportunity and get this blog up and running.

I read blogs all the time and the ones I return to time after time are really well done.  I like blogs that flow well.  I like blogs that have a crisp, well-planned layout.  I like blogs with neat fonts.  I like blogs with photos.  I like blogs that are well-written.  I like blogs that share amazing teaching ideas that will actually work in a typical classroom.  I like blogs that aren't littered with typos.  I want my blog to be all these things, but I know it will take time.  I've got a lot to learn.

What will you find on my blog?  Well, the plan right now is to post teaching strategies, activities, games, lesson plans, and anything else I try with my Grade 4/5 class.  I'm in the process of setting up my own TpT store, so I'll be able to give you a sneak peak of my products on this blog, too.

Top Priority

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