February Catch Up

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I am spending most of my week off glued to the iPad or tv watching the Olympics. Canada's win against the U.S. in women's hockey just about did me in today at lunch! Thursday and Friday are convention days, which I love IF I walk away with lots of neat ideas to use in my lessons.

Before the break I was able to squeeze in a little Valentine's Day writing activity.  My students used a website called Festisite to turn their paragraphs into heart shapes.  The site was really easy to use, and the kids were excited to see their finished hearts.  I asked students to write about someone in their life that they were grateful for.  Here's what the finished pieces looked like:

Another big thing in my class before the break was getting ready for the Olympics.  My students spent time researching Canadian athletes.  It'll be cool on Monday to check the bulletin board and see how many athletes won medals.  Here's what one of the bulletin boards looks like:

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