Alberta Map Work

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My students finished their Alberta maps before Easter holidays. 

Step 1
 - Make a wooden frame.  Ok, get your hubby to make a wooden frame. :)
The triangle piece is separate.

Step 2 - Cover all the wood with tin foil.  I tried wax paper and plastic wrap before settling with tin foil.  I like that I left the tin foil bumpy along the longer side of the triangular piece.  When the Plaster of Paris dries, it looks like the rugged Rocky Mountains.

 Step 3 - Pour Plaster of Paris into frame.  It sets pretty quick, so don't mix too much up at once.

 Step 4 - Plan, Etch, and Paint!

 Step 5 - Finished map with compass rose and legend.

The kids really enjoyed this project.  I had students working in groups of 2, which was successful.  My one group of 3 had a trickier time painting the map at the same time.  I decided to do this project after the students had studied the six geographical regions of Alberta.  Maybe it would be a good introduction project next time?

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