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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

With the hustle of report cards, student-leds, Kagan professional development, and St. Patrick's Day behind me, I finally had a moment today where I felt "caught up".  It sure doesn't happen very often.

I took a few photos from around my classroom.  Enjoy!

My Grade 4 students finished these adorable oil pastel pieces a couple weeks ago.  I was planning to take them down today and what should happen?  SNOW!!  Yep, a beautiful "Christmas Eve" type of snow hit right at lunch hour.

Grade 5/6 Art Inspired by Rene Magritte

My Grade 4 math class finished up a mini-unit on telling time.  I found this flower idea on Pinterest last year, but only got around to getting it up this year.  Above the clock is my reminder wall of some of the many Kagan structures that I am learning about.  I think I'll make a few adjustments to this list.

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