What Time Is It?

Sunday, March 02, 2014

I didn't plan it, but Thursday turned into a day of clock activities. First, my Grade 4 students made a clock in math class.  This will be a good reference as we continue through our Time unit.

I apologize for the upside-down picture.

Then I got these little guys prepped for next week.  We'll do a little mingling around the classroom and read each others' watches.  Not only will the students record the time on the watch, but they'll also record what the time will be in 10 minutes.

Then later in the day my Grade 5/6 class started a Salvador Dali project - Melting Clocks.  I melted old records ahead of time, then the students did a first coat of white acrylic paint.  Next class we'll do another coat of white, then finish up with a trim and clock face.

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